Customer-Facing Collateral

Small and medium sized companies with innovative products face a number of specific  challenges when it comes to go-to-market materials:


Although you have expertise in-house, it’s tough to free up people and time to create and maintain Customer-Facing Collateral, and to follow up regularly on critical marketing tasks.


Knowing your own technology inside-out makes it hard to imagine how others will perceive and understand it. You are living in the future, while their views are conditioned by past experience.


If you rely on partner companies to reach your markets, then can be difficult to get complex and subtle messages through to potential customers. But you can’t be everywhere at once!

We have worked with companies all over the world to overcome these issues, in areas such as Semiconductor and EDA, for both Product and Service offerings, in Hardware and Software. We have also had to deal with our own get-to-market challenges, for ICONDA’s Learning & Development products and services

If you would like to elaborate and discuss your needs, please get in touch for a free telephone consultation. Then we’ll see where this leads …