TOOL9’s key components are Presence, Sensitivity, Understanding and Autonomy – qualities that a client is likely to sense (even if they can’t name them), and which directly affect their trust in me. Trust, of course, is a pre-requisite to productive business relationships. Hence, if I develop these qualities, my Influence over clients is greatly increased.

I picture their development as something starting with Presence and, in my metaphor, moments of Presence are like tiny lights turning on. These tiny lights are surrounded by others, some of them associated with Presence, others with Sensitivity and, further out, Understanding, Autonomy and Influence. The lights have magic properties, so that incoming light causes them to light up in turn and to amplify the light they receive. Hence, moments of Presence cause Sensitivity lights to come on, which not only trigger more Presence and Sensitivity, but Understanding also. Gradually, more light accumulates, so that Autonomy starts to glow, and Influence begins to radiate. As time goes on, the light level increases and increases until it can be seen from far and wide. It is not only strong but inexhaustible – a light is not diminished by having more people use it to see by.

Each person finds their own way to implement this process, but there is a factor common to nearly all successful attempts. Space.

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