The TWO-MINUTE MESSAGE (TMM) is at the heart of a method for producing high-impact presentations and other documents quickly, exploiting as much existing material as makes sense. It is a synopsis that I elaborate before looking at any existing material, and it consists of four statements:

  • Audience Context: setting the scene, getting audience contact
  • Key: the single, main message
  • Supporting: multiple statements that back up the Key
  • Closing: wrapping up and leading to next steps.

One of the beneficial side-effects of the TMM-based approach to preparing presentations is that presenters are fortified by the preparation process itself. It obliges them to form a concise view of the presentation in their minds and puts them in a position not only to present well but also to adapt their presentation to changing circumstances. The tool is also invaluable at the team level, ensuring alignment of presentation plans before time is spent on their detailed implementation.