Clean Language for visualising an Audience

ITEM = “the Audience”, “the Market”, “the XYZ Group”, etc.

And what about ITEM? (reply=AUD1)

Repeat the following until you’re through …

Choose an ITEM from AUD1

If ITEM = category: And what kind of ITEM?

If ITEM = adjective: And that’s ITEM like what?

If ITEM = name: And what about ITEM?

or: And is there anything else about PREVIOUS ITEM? (reply=AUD2)

No new information: tryAnd is there anything else about …”,

else choose a new ITEM from AUD2

When you think you’re through …

And is there anything else about the Audience/Market/etc.?

Either re-enter the process or stop, as appropriate.

These Clean Language examples were inspired by The Five-Minute Coach.