Clean Language for obtaining My objectives

And what would you like to have happen? (reply=OBJ1)

And when OBJ1, then what happens? (OBJ2)

And when OBJ2, then what happens? (OBJ3)

… (repeat until nothing new) … (OBJn)

And OBJ1 and OBJ2, OBJ3OBJn, and what’s the most important? (MAIN_OBJ)

Insist on an outcome for OBJ1, rather than a problem. Repeat the first step until you get an outcome (e.g. ‘I want …’), then proceed.

  • Don’t worry about sounding repetitive. Vary the tone of voice, volume, pace etc., but stick to this neutral vocabulary and the process of playing back the very words of answers received.
  • ‘And’ appears a lot. Don’t worry about that – just use it!
  • Insist on a definite, clear, singular OBJECTIVE (or “outcome”). Repeat any necessary steps until you get one.

These Clean Language examples were inspired by The Five-Minute Coach.