International Learning & Development Solutions

ICONDA Solutions is an International Learning & Development company operating out of Grenoble in France.

Our mission is to help clients reinvent their communication processes:

  • External (far) : for Teams in charge of Worldwide, Hi-Tech B2B Sales and Support
  • Internal (near) : for Leaders managing the Complexity of Global Organizations with Experts from Multiple Domains

By doing so, we boost other vital company processes: sales, marketing, applications support, product and service development, and so on. We therefore make significant contributions to the profitability, health and growth of our clients. The methods we use fall into three categories:


Whenever you face a professional challenge  and, in particular, where you are likely to face similar situations in the future, then coaching is the intelligent move. Not only can it enable you to resolve immediate issues, but it transforms those issues into opportunities for personal growth.

Learning & Development

Our training programs focus on challenges at the interface between technology and communication, especially in marketing, sales and field applications teams. We offer direct courses and train-the-trainer programs, and both are supported by extensive collateral - ICON9, eLearning, toolkits, books, etc.

Operational Support

ICONDA's policy is to balance Operational Support with Training and Coaching so that each activity feeds the other two. The ICON9 system is central to the company's way of working: its tools and methods are of value to our clients and they underpin our own activities.

ICONDA Solutions

ICONDA ‘s roots are in High-Tech, though it’s focus is on the human side of the Business-to-Business (B2B) equation.

It has extensive experience with international B2B, and regularly works with companies in Europe, North America, AsiaPac and Japan. The context is often Technical Sales & Marketing and Applications Engineering – areas that are rich in complexity due to their mix of commercial, technical and interpersonal challenges.

ICONDA has developed a set of highly effective Tools and Methods for this specialised domain, captured in the ICON9 system and described in Client Encounters of the Technical Kind.

We have range of Learning & Development products and services based on the ICON9 system, purpose-built for Consulting Engineers, Applications Engineers and Technical Sales and Marketing professionals.

ICONDA works with a handful of multi-nationals (references available) and a range of smaller companies. The following have been kind enough to provide their logos:


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