International Learning & Development Solutions


Business Communication for Technical Experts, in Customer-Facing or Manager-Leader roles


Training Encounters, Independent Learning and Progress Guidance


Large companies may deploy courses independently

ICONDA Solutions is an International Learning & Development company operating out of Grenoble in France.

Our mission is to help clients reinvent their communication processes:

  • External (far) : for Teams in charge of Worldwide, Hi-Tech B2B Sales and Support
  • Internal (near) : for Leaders managing the Complexity of Global Organizations with Experts from Multiple Domains

By doing so, we boost other vital company processes: sales, marketing, applications support, product and service development, and so on. We therefore make significant contributions to the profitability, health and growth of our clients. 

Our Learning & Development (L&D) Solutions contain a mix of training and coaching encounters at the individual and group levels together with support for independent learning, complemented by progress guidance through self-assessment and facilitated checkpoints:


Fast Integration of ICON9 Fundamentals

The ICON9.1 Checkpoint Package is a highly effective and economical product containing all three Learning & Development components: training encounters, independent learning and progress guidance.

For Training Encounters:

  • Client Encounters Using ICON9: a short course for Technical Sales and Applications Engineers
  • ICON9 for Manager-Expert-LeadersA short course for dealing with complex internal communication and achieving satisfying, effective business relationships 
  • Events: Workshops and seminars are generally custom products, we sometimes present promotional seminars
  • Coaching: Individual and Team sessions, enabling you to resolve immediate issues and often to transform them into opportunities for personal growth.

For Independent Learning:

  • Video series: A complete training course in thirty 12-minute sessions. Available for Client Encounters Using ICON9, for Technical Sales and Applications Engineers
  • Audio seriesShort reminder and exercise sessions, for use as a backup to classroom and video work, with all the flexibility of audio
  • ICON9 collateral: exercises, quick references,  posters, icon9 website, etc. and the text book Client Encounters of the Technical Kind.

For Progress Guidance:

  • Checkpoints: Short, individual review meetings between facilitators and trainees – a collaborative exercise, stimulating  discussions that significantly deepen learning
  • Self-assessment: Exercises that allow trainees to check that they have captured a concept, delivered with other eLearning collateral
  • Feedback: Checks made before, on completion of and sometime after training encounters.

ICONDA Solutions


ICONDA ‘s roots are in High-Tech, though it’s focus is on the human side of the Business-to-Business (B2B) equation.

It has extensive experience with international B2B, and regularly works with companies in Europe, North America, AsiaPac and Japan. The context is often Technical Sales & Marketing and Applications Engineering – areas that are rich in complexity due to their mix of commercial, technical and interpersonal challenges.

ICONDA has developed a set of highly effective Tools and Methods for this specialised domain, captured in the ICON9 system and described in Client Encounters of the Technical Kind.

We have range of Learning & Development products and services based on the ICON9 system, purpose-built for technical experts.