Operational Support - Consulting Solutions

Diverse Engagements with a Common Approach

ICONDA’s policy is to balance Operational work with Training and Coaching so that each activity feeds the other two. The ICON9 system is central to the company’s way of working: its tools and methods are of value to our clients and they underpin our own activities.

Here are a few examples of Field Operations contracts that we have taken on in the past few years. All have been successful, and we would be happy to supply references:



  • Marketing and Sales representation for a startup company in the area of Analog Circuit Simulation (client in France).
  • Sales and Applications representation for a startup company in the area of Custom Analog Layout (client in Israel).
  • Director of Field Operations for a company producing Processor Design Tools and IP. The project started with the creation of Documentation and Training materials and grew from there (client in the Czech Republic).
  • Creation of Documentation and Training materials – not so trivial when one considers that this required building RTL simulations of systems with multiple 32- and 64-bit processors (client in the UK).
  • Creation and deployment of Sales Kits for the Worldwide Promotion of High-Tech Products (Anglo-French client).
  • Technical Articles (various).

In all the above cases, ICONDA’s combination of engineering and field experience with a defined methodology meant that we were in a unique position to assist our clients. We may be able to help you too. If not, then perhaps we know a company that can. Either way, we would be happy to hear from you.