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Technical Sales

Technical Support

Technical Sales Engineer

Technical Support Engineer

Technical Support Representative

Technical Support Specialist

Sales Team Performance

Learning and Development


Online Training




Customer-Facing Engineer

Customer-Facing Expert

Customer-Facing Team

Field Team

Sales Team

Manager Expert Leader

High-Tech Distribution

High-Tech Sales Channels



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  • ICON9 for Manager-Expert-Leaders: A short course for dealing with complex internal business communication and achieving satisfying, effective relationships with people and teams
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  • Independent learning good for
    • Autonomy
    • To strengthen/deepen learning/understanding/integration
    • Flexibility
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Should I use the term Experience-Based Learning, rather than Independent Learning?

Maybe not.  You could argue that Experience-Based Learning would need Training Encounters also, for example. It is a different thing. Our overall approach is to enable Experience-Based Learning, and this should perhaps be in the top-level messaging.

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We endeavour to fully leverage the L&D opportunities presented by modern technology while refusing to throw out the baby (i.e the trainee) with the bathwater. In-contact teaching is complemented by, rather than replaced with, online methods and program participants are tracked and supported in a manner that suits their agreed L&D objectives.

The people that we work with typically share the following characteristics and challenges. They :

Have advanced technical expertise, whether it be in science, technology, finance, medicine or some other field
Are key to the success of their businesses, providing their know-how to highly-expectant customers and colleagues
Face complex communication challenges, exacerbated by the potent mix of technical and non-technical issues that they deal with
Are conscious of inefficiency and stress at the personal and team levels
Need effective, structured tools and methods in order to release their full potential at both these levels.