Services - Our Delivery Methods


Whenever you face a professional challenge  and, in particular, where you are likely to face similar situations in the future, then coaching is the intelligent move. Not only can it enable you to resolve immediate issues, but it transforms those issues into opportunities for personal growth.

Learning & Development

Our training programs focus on challenges at the interface between technology and communication, especially in marketing, sales and field applications teams. We offer direct courses and train-the-trainer programs, and both are supported by extensive collateral - ICON9, eLearning, toolkits, books, etc.

Operational Support

ICONDA's policy is to balance Operational Support with Training and Coaching so that each activity feeds the other two. The ICON9 system is central to the company's way of working: its tools and methods are of value to our clients and they underpin our own activities.

Please note that all services can be delivered in either English or French, though supporting materials are usually in English.