Training - Direct and Train-the-Trainer

Our training courses help you tackle challenges at the interface between technology and communication with confidence. They offer a structured approach to the customer-facing role, providing not only tools for the work, but also language and models that can be customised to suit individual and team needs.

Why is it so important to address this problem space?

The first reason relates to a fundamental principle of communication: that a message must be adapted to its audience. We therefore focus on the issues that are the most relevant to customer-facing engineers, sales and marketing professionals, for example. We structure the material appropriately and we present it in our tribal language (always with relevant examples).


The second reason is that customers are a company’s most precious assets, and so the people dealing with them need to base their actions on more than simple instinct. We provide tools and methods that make it possible (though not trivial) to communicate with excellence, predictably and repeatedly. More about this on

Our most popular courses are for Customer-Facing Engineers (CFEs), and this is the audience that we address with our standard, ICON9-based courses. However, custom courses broaden this audience to the whole Technical Sales Team, including Sales and Marketing. Of course, we are not only concerned by communication with customers, but also with colleagues, both in the field team and in the parent organisation.

Please note that we can either train directly, or we can train your trainers – whatever suits your organisation best.

An eLearning library is also available, and a sample that explains ICON9 In Brief can be seen here.

The Kirkpatrick learning evaluation model is used for quality control, and results are provided to both the sponsor and trainees (with discretion). Levels one and two of the model are implemented systematically using pre- and post-course tests, and level three, where possible, two to three months after the course.