The Obstacle Course

A client encounter, whether it consists of a single call or is stretched out over several meetings, is an obstacle course (which can be overcome by using the Encounter Process).

The first difficulty is the barrier that protects my client from the outside world: they are preoccupied with their own plans and activities. I have to overcome any resistance there may be to letting me into their world before I can get the meeting off to a good start.

The next obstacle could be that my clients feel they are the only ones who can understand their ‘unique’ problems. I therefore have to find out as much as I can about their situation and convince them that I have fully understood their issues.

However, even when my client can see that I have grasped their predicament, they are likely to have their own ideas about the solutions needed. This is the third obstacle: a client who is convinced that they know what they want. I have to overcome this resistance, which often takes the form of ‘Yes, but ...’ responses to suggestions from my side.

Once an agreeable solution is found, the final obstacle is the Hurry Monster, which causes everyone to run off from the meeting to do important things, forgetting to capture the results of their passage through the obstacle course together.

The Encounter Process gives us a way to tackle this obstacle course.


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